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The Single Track CollectionThe project
Probably our boldest initiative to date The Single Track Collection is an ongoing social project aimed at including everyone who loves to snap pictures of their favourite trails and share them with the world. In an image much like the one above, we want you to capture the essence of the trails that you love to run on. Be it a mountain trail, a forest track or a fisherman's path, we want you to help us in putting together the world's largest photo gallery dedicated to the world's trails and snapped by the people who simply love to run them.


The platform
We will be using the popular and creative photo sharing platform INSTAGRAM to assist us with this project. Once we've begun collecting the images, we'll then be adding them to a special edition issue entitled The Single Track Collection which will feature on this very page. We will also be selecting a pick-of-the-week and sharing it through our Facebook page in an album entitled "The Single Track Collection Weekly Best".

How can I join in?
Becoming a contributor to The Single Track Collection is easy. It doesn't matter where in the world you live, as long as you're a passionate trail runner and want to share your trails with the global trail running community.


Step 1. Sign up for an INSTAGRAM profile [this takes only a few minutes] and download the app to your iPhone or Android Smart Phone [if you already have a profile then you're a third of the way there].

HINT: Link your INSTAGRAM account with your existing Facebook and Twitter accounts so that more of your friends can join in.
Step 2. Go running!!
Step 3. Take a photo of the trail you ran, give it some funky effects [using the effects provided by INSTAGRAM] and upload it to your profile making sure to include the all important hastag #singletrackcollection and a brief description of where you snapped the pic.


IMPORTANT NOTE: We will not be able to track your images if you don't include the hashtag

Terms and Conditions

  1. By submitting a photo to The Single Track Collection through the INSTAGRAM and hastag method, you agree to Go Trail using your image within The Single Track Collection gallery, share your image on social media platforms and/or to assist us in promoting the project
  2. Submitted photos will not automatically be included into The Single Track Collection special edition. Go Trail reserves the right to reject any images that are not of a fairly high quality or that do not depict the project in the correct manner
  3. The information you provide about your photo must be accurate to the best of your knowledge, we will not take responsibility for incorrect information supplied
  4. Do not use the hastag #singletrackmind for any other images you may upload that are not relevant to the project
  5. Should you wish to learn more about the project, please feel free to contact us

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